ATLAS Publishing

The Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science (TJES) is a peer-reviewed, open access annually published journal which bridges the gap between science, engineering, art, culture, spirituality and society to solve societal complex problems. This journal publishes research findings covering  global complex problems  such as health, disasters, poverty, humanitarian assistance and needs, well-being, sustainable  development  and research on social contemporary issues.  

Researchers are also encouraged to submit manuscripts related to:

  1. Development of integrated analysis, synthesis, and design from a wide range of knowledge.
  2. Development of unified transdisciplinary modeling framework—developing computer based modeling systems that permit cooperation and collaboration among diverse groups that are globally dispersed in order to drive complex research efforts to an innovative solution.
  3. Design and development of communication infrastructure and shared resources to facilitate  transdisciplinary thinking within existing organizations.
  4. Transdisciplinary education.