ATLAS Publishing

2010 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 1 - 2010
Preface Volume - 1 - 2010
Remembering John Warfield, by J. T. Klein
The Cognition Partition: Toward the Horizons College, by John Warfield
Methodology of Transdisciplinarity-Levels of Reality, Logic of the Included Middle and Complexity, by B. Nicolescu
Transdisciplinary System Science: Implications for Healthcare and Other Problems of Global Significance, by A. Madni
Understanding of Transdiscipline and Transdisciplinary Process, by A. Ertas
From Transdisciplinarity to Transdisciplinary Research, by C. Pohl
A Knowledge Component Framework for Enhancing Transdisciplinary Knowledge Assimilation, by J. N. Carbone and S. Ekwaro-Osire
Designing Transdisciplinary Discovery and Innovation: Models and Tools for Dynamic Knowledge Integration, by D. Tate
Deciphering Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Contributions, by R. J. Lawrence
Results of a Survey to Identify Differences between Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research, by T. Kollman and A. Ertas
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